Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Price and Breed Information

Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information

Wanna know what's the Golden Retriever Dog price in India and will you purchase one then you’re within the perfect place.
If you've got seen the pedigree ad on TV or the web at any point in your life you want to have encounter this breed needless to say.
Golden Retriever may be a dog breed originated from (Scotland UK) which was basically bred to retrieve small birds and animals during hunting.
These dogs have the power to retrieve shot game without damaging them due to their soft mouth.
If you're getting to buy this dog then you would like to read this text in order that you'll make a correct decision..

The Golden Retriever is a popular dog in India. it's surprising to ascertain with an outsized amount of numerous pet parents and dog lovers in India; there's still a large gap in available information that matches the Indian context.
Indian weather, food, culture, and our view about dogs play an important role in maintaining a dog. you can't read a world blog and apply that to the unique Indian context.
Despite living in Indian conditions for a couple of decades, the Indian retriever still requires additional care thanks to its lush double coat. Remember, this is often a retriever bred for a life in water. This dog’s coat is water repellant and insulated, making it difficult during hot summer months.
Also, this dog needs regular exercise. While it can sleep in an apartment, Goldens without daily walks and play are susceptible to obesity. If your dog is on a homemade rice-based diet, the danger of obesity and heart condition significantly increases.
If you're looking to adopt/buy a Golden Retrieve in India, we recommend reading our post fully. We hope our experience in maintaining and breeding dogs in India will help our Indian audience.

Golden Retriever Dog Features:

Height 56 cm-61 cm (Male), 51 cm – 56 cm (Female)
Weight 29 kg – 34 kg (Male), 27 kg – 32 kg (Female)
Lifespan 12 Years
Temperament Friendly, Confident, Kind & Trustworthy
Puupy Price Rs15,000 - Rs25,000
Popularity Very High
Grooming Frequently Required
Common Health Issues Hip Dysplasia, Skin Allergy, Separation Anxiety 

Golden Retriever Dog Maintenance Cost in India

Average Monthly Dog Maintenance Cost: Approximately Rs. 3500 to Rs. 10,000/-. there's tons more to the present regular cost. Read along to find out intimately . many of us don't consider or are unaware of the long-term costs of owning an outsized dog before bringing a puppy home. This guide will assist you understand this aspect better. retriever price isn't the sole cost to think about . you've got to require under consideration the whole lifetime cost.

Costs When You Bring Home A Golden Retriever Puppy

This could be approximately Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 5000/- excluding puppy food. to start with, aside from the retriever price of puppy that you simply pay upfront, your initial “start-up” costs will include preparing for the arrival of your puppy.
With these dog supplies, confirm your puppy feels comfortable and comfy when it first arrives home. you would like to shop for these before the puppy arrives. Your puppy’s second, third, and fourth vaccination shots are going to be due and need to be factored within the costs.
Additionally, within a month, you'll got to buy puppy shampoo, alittle collar, and leash, peeing pads (optional for training), nail clippers, hair combing brush, etc. By the top of three months, your retriever puppy are going to be teething and can start mouthing (biting on things). this is often normal but you'll need to bear the pain because it will bite you each time you interact with it. don't worry, this may stop over a few of months. to stay the pooch engaged, buy a couple of chew toys that are puppy safe.

Golden Retriever Price In Different Places In India

State Price(INR)
Delhi 15,000-40,000
Bangalore 15,000-25,000
Mumbai 20,000-30,000
Kolkata 18,000-22,000
Punjab 18,000-24,000
Jaipur 20,000-24,000
Lucknow 19,000-30,000
Uttarakhand 20,000-25,000
Hyderabad 25,000-30,000
Chandigarh 18,000-30,000

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