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Use the PET HOUSE to adopt a pet or post pets for adoption. This community based platform will help you find fishes, cute puppies, cats, rabbits and any other pet animals that are searching for new owner. If you want new warmness in your home, Pets Adoption App is the place where you’ll find it! we are uttarakhand's leading pet shop. We deal in best quality of all pet breeds of dogs, cats, fishes, exotic birds etc. We provide all the pet services like adopting pets, pet clinic, pet food, pet accessories, fish aquarium, fish food, cages, treats, toys, dog beds, carriers and bags, indoor pet houses, stain and other pet related services.

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Always informed you if your pet has had required to any vaccine or medication.

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Use the PET HOUSE to adopt a pet or post pets for adoption. This community based platform will help you find fishes, cute puppies, cats, rabbits and any other pet animals that are searching for new owner. If you want new warmness in your home, Pets Adoption App is the place where you’ll find it!


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Pet Health

Pet Health

We offer the most amazing services for your Pet's health and High quality professionals ready to take care of your best friend.

Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Now you can leave your pet here when you travel with safety and great care for all animals we host here are our hotel.

Fish Aquarium

Fish Aquarium Setup

We are an aquarium maintenance service company with unmatched expertise. we can set up your freshwater or saltwater fish tank.

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Aquarium Accessories
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  • Aquarium Plants
  • Aquarium Decoration
  • Aquarium Filters/Heater
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Dog Accessories
  • Dog Chains
  • Dog Collars
  • Dog Leashes
  • Dog Grooming Tools
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Bird Accessories
  • Bird Ladders
  • Bird Cages & Stands
  • Bird Bowls & Feeders
  • Bird Toys, Perches & Decor
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Cat Accessories
  • Cat Grooming
  • Cat Beds & Furniture
  • Cat Doors, Enclosures & Steps
  • Cat Collars, Harnesses & Leashes
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Contact or learn more about us and make your pet happy in your visit to our Shop and discover all our amazing products and services to make your pet very healthy and active with a lot of energy this winter lorem ipsum ipsuet dolor.

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Looking to Adopt a Pet?

Owning a Dog isn’t an equivalent as buying stuff. The pet becomes your life, it gives you pleasure, happiness & emotions that are absolutely invaluable. The love is pure & the love back from them is simply surreal and unconditional. Once in your house & life these furry bundles of joy do teach you a thing or two, virtues like patience, sudden burst of emotions for no particular reason (especially once you check out their eyes), responsibility etc.

Dogs are a bit like humans, they have your attention, they have some time & must be taken care of. Its important for people to know that a pet are going to be an integral a part of their family and hence one should consider before getting to buy/adopt one.

Post a Pet For Adoption

Have you rescued a pet and now you are searching for someone to adopt it? Or may be your cute dog or feline pet gave birth to more cuties that you can handle? Then simply create a post for adoption, add photos, relevant information and location and the users seeking for pet animal adoption near your location will see it and contact you for adoption.

Frequent Questions

The most popular pet dog breeds in India are:
  • Pug
  • Beagle
  • Indian Spitz
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Indian Pariah Dog

Top Family Dogs

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Poodle
  • Irish Setter
  • Vizsla
  • Newfoundland
  • Bull Terrier
  • Beagle
8 Great Dog Breeds for First-Time Owners
  1. Labrador Retriever.
  2. Poodle.
  3. Cavalier king charles spaniel.
  4. Papillon.
  5. Soft coated wheaten terrier.
  6. Snglish springer spaniel.
  7. Shih tzu.
  8. Shippet.

The doggy should have a matching nature to your family in order to have the stylish match. social and gregarious children will do better with doggies that also tend to be more friendly and approachable, while further silent children will do better with doggies of a matching safe mindset.

In addition to egregious natural differences, male and female doggies can occasionally deal with different health issues and actions. Un-neutered male doggies are generally more prone to humping others and are more likely than female doggies to attempt to run down from home to try to find a mate.

Find a New Friend


Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are popularly recognised for their Pedigree Food Ads.
They are brilliant information puppies for any individual who is blind, they are very intelligent, form and pleasant temperament.
They are additionally very handy to train.



Pugs or some may say Vodafone Dog is one of the famous puppies in India proper now after Labrador.
These puppies are extraordinarily lazy and spend most of the time simply napping however are cute.
They nearly by no means bark at all simply like Labrador, they are very kind, playful and ideal for children.



Beagle canine breeds are typically recognised as a smaller model of foxhounds.
These canine breeds are small in size/height that makes them seem lovable and the principal purpose for their popularity.
They have a feel of odor however they won’t make a wonderful protect dog.
Beagles are remarkable household pets and get alongside properly with the participants of the household


German Shepherd

If you are searching for a tremendous protect canine for your home then German Shepherds are one of the quality ones for you.
They are effortlessly trainable and very obedient in contrast to different breeds.
They are very affectionate closer to their proprietors and additionally do nicely with different puppies if they are top.


Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a Chinese Dog Breed as you can parent out from the identify itself.
And simply like any different small canine breeds, they make a superb household pet.
They are extraordinarily kid-friendly and playful.
They can’t tolerate warm weathers, so it is recommended if you stay in a location with extream warmness then you must no longer go for this one.



Poodles are frequently discovered in Germany and France. You might also have viewed this breed in Hollywood movies.
The curly fur of this breed offers this breed pretty the special and attractive look.
This breed likes taking part in in water. Thus, the title poodle which is derived from the German phrase “pudle” which skill “the one who enjoys water”.
In France, they are known as caniches, which skill “duck dogs”.
They can also appear small and goofy however they are pretty sensible and trainable which makes it one of fine household dogs.

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royal canin
Taste of the Wild

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