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With their comical face and hilarious personalities, pugs are the jesters of the canine world. Loving, intelligent and naughty, the pug makes for an excellent first-time dog. they are doing alright with children and other animals alike, especially if socialized from a young age. They’re gluttons for love and straightforward to groom, always ready with an antic which will cause you to laugh. It’s no wonder that they still be amongst the foremost popular breeds, many centuries after they first came into existence.
Pug, In India became a household name became when Hutch used it for advertisement. Even all the adults within the house along side the youngsters became a lover of this breed overnight after the Hutch (Now Vodafone) advertisement aired and from that date this breed has become documented in India a minimum of . This breed though has been existence for much longer, its existence dates to 400 BCE where Tibetan Monks wont to keep this breed as pets within the Tibetan Monasteries. Pug has been one pampered specie which has been treated to all or any pleasures of Royal life by the Kings who treated this small breed as their lapdogs and pampered them immensely. it's interesting to notice that the name Pug came over from a similarly faced specie of monkey who was also called pug. Pug also features a secret organization names after him. within the year 1740, the Roman Catholics of the planet named a corporation called ‘Order of the Pug’. the rationale why Pug was chosen as a logo for this Catholic Organization was because this breed represents Loyalty and Trustworthiness. this is often probably one among the foremost adaptable specie around, it are often trained in anyway one would want. Pugs are not any doubt one among the foremost charming breeds around and may convert anyone. This breed loves laughing and live, it's lively and most appropriately Sunshine in dog form. This breed also gets along side other breeds, cats and even humans. The one that gets along side anyone and everybody . This breed is though somewhat bad at physical activity, it isn’t the right jogging buddy but the perfect cuddly bud. they're a proud member of the American Kennel Club’s toy club. This breed is somewhat clingy and doesn’t like being left alone. The ironic thing is that the Pug seems like its deep in contemplation about the complexities of dog life, but it actually is brooding about a dog prank.

Pug Dog Features:




10-14 Inches


06-09 Kilograms





12-15 Years


2-4 Puppies (approx.)



Pug Dog Maintenance Cost in India

Most of the people ask about Pug price in India or what proportion Pug dog maintenance cost in India. Like if you would like to adopt a pug dog in India and you're not very rich. Because nobody wants to spend his whole income in Pug care in India. So what proportion Pug maintenance cost in India or are pugs high maintenance.
When someone says something about pug the primary image created in your mind is “small or Royal”. Most of the people think that pug needs high maintenance or what proportion pug cost in India..
Pug maintenance cost in India varies between 2000 – 3000 INR. Sometimes they have more or sometimes less. It depends on many things just like the season, Health, Pregnancy time, or any disease or health issue.

Costs When You Bring Home A Pug Puppy

This could be approximately Rs. 3000/- to Rs. 10000/- excluding puppy food. to start with, aside from the pug price of puppy that you simply pay upfront, your initial “start-up” costs will include preparing for the arrival of your puppy.
With these dog supplies, confirm your puppy feels comfortable and comfy when it first arrives home. you would like to shop for these before the puppy arrives. Your puppy’s second, third, and fourth vaccination shots are going to be due and need to be factored within the costs.
Additionally, within a month, you'll got to buy puppy shampoo, alittle collar, and leash, peeing pads (optional for training), nail clippers, hair combing brush, etc. By the top of three months, your pug puppy are going to be teething and can start mouthing (biting on things). this is often normal but you'll need to bear the pain because it will bite you each time you interact with it. don't worry, this may stop over a few of months. to stay the pooch engaged, buy a couple of chew toys that are puppy safe.

Pug Puppy price

On average, a Pug puppy in India costs between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000. the worth highly depends on the puppy’s lineage and therefore the place you catch on from. A Show-quality Pug with superior lineage can cost as high as Rs. 50,000.
The Price of a puppy Pug in India ranges from as low as 10000 Rs up to 20000 Rs, with the typical price around 10000-12000 Rs. This wide selection is thanks to several factors. the foremost important is that the quality of the breeder and therefore the lineage of the Pugs themselves. On top of that, there are geographical differences and also simple market considerations like supply and demand.

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